Home Improvement Projects and Refurbishments

 Kitchen Refurbishment

working kitchen area    Kitchen Dining Area Extention    Unit Detail

Bathroom Refurbishments

Project 1

 Bathroom Sink Unit    Shower Unit    Free Standing Bath

 Project 2

Sink Unit    Shower Unit    Towel Rail With Mosaic Detail

Project 3

mosaic detail  towel rail  shower detail  shower

Project 4

Unsuite Bathroom

Project 5


 Project 6


Project 7


 Project 8


Replacement Of Steps And French Doors

Before                                                                     After

steps before                      French Doors and Steps Finished       

Garden Wall

Brick Garden Wall With Screening Blocks Incorp    Wall Detail


Roof Refurbishment

front  front  front

Roof conversion from flat to pitched


Feature Truss And Purlins Sunroom        


Boundary Wall  with Diagonal Fence Incorporated



Traditional Canopy  


Seaforde Estate Outbuilding Roof Refurbishment

Roof Structure    Natural Slates    Roof Complete